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Data analytics is difficult to scale

Poor Data Literacy

To answer critical business questions, employees need to access and analyze data. However, understanding data structures is often difficult: the IT landscape is growing every year, documentation is often poor or non-existent and experts take weeks to schedule an appointment. Poor data literacy among engineers, analysts and citizen developers is a root cause for missed deadlines, bad results and lack of ROI in analytics. 

Scarcity of Data Experts

Only a handful of experts have sufficient experience with data structures and most are already overwhelmed with the questions of their co-workers. New experts are scarce and hard to hire. Making things worse, seasoned experts face retirement soon - reducing the availability of crucial data knowledge even further.

Corporate Silos & Redundancy

Existing data assets like SQL scripts, datamodels and python codes are stored in a multitude of places across different departments. These assets are hidden away inside corporate silos and rarely documented. Redundant efforts, wasted time and avoidable cost are the result.

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"By 2023, data literacy will become an explicit and necessary driver of business value, demonstrated by its formal inclusion in over 80% of data and analytics strategies and change management programs."

Lyntics category-leading data literacy platform turns all employees into data experts

Data in the hands of a few experts can be powerful, but data at the fingertips of many is what will be truly transformational. Our AI-driven platform automatically collects all existing data knowledge across the entire enterprise and gives your entire workforce instant, easy access to it.

Data Search

Got a new task, but no context around the topic? We got you covered - with our cross-system search engine for all data related assets ever created inside your company. Provides quick context for new tasks, increases re-usability, helps avoid redundant efforts, and speeds up time-to-value significantly.

Data IQ

You have a tricky data question, but your colleagues can’t help you and no expert seems to be available? How would you like to have instant access to all your expert’s data knowledge across all departments at once? Our Data IQ lets you access and re-use expert data knowledge at any time, breaking up all corporate silos.

Data Spaces

Ever wondered where all your SQL codes and Python apps went during the past years? How about your previous colleagues’ work results?
Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to those instead of re-inventing the wheel? The Data Workbench offers just that - with full version-control and in-context documentation.

Try out the Data IQ knowledge engine right here and now, no singup or appointment needed. All you need to do is select two or more tables below and we hand you the answer on possible connections instantly. You even get all the necessary SQL code without typing a single word yourself - just like from your next best data expert.

Data Search

Stop re-doing, start re-using work

  • Put an end to redundant work. Find what you need across the entire organization
  • Get instant context and knowledge about new data topics
  • Dive in or request access directly from your search results

Data IQ

Be a data expert from day one

  • Break through corporate silos and understand data relations without breaking a sweat
  • Get instant answers instead of attending tedious workshops and validation rounds
  • Kick-start your data projects with our industry-leading knowledge packages

Data Spaces

Transform complex data intelligently

  • Aggregate all data assets in one central, secure and documented location
  • Develop SQL transformations, Python and R models 5x faster with shared intelligence
  • Write documentation right next to your asset, keeping everything in proper context
  • Automate execution pipelines without a single line of code

Data Governance Center

Ensure data governance and compliance

  • Organize, manage, and control data permissions in a central place
  • Monitor and restrict access to PII and PHI classified data
  • Easily package and assign data assets based on purpose and scope

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> 80%

increased data literacy across the organization

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faster completion of data analytics projects

> $3M

reduction of redundant analytics efforts

> 80%

increased data literacy across the organization

> 40%

faster completion of data analytics projects

> $3M

reduction of redundant analytics efforts

"Knowledge is crucial in today’s data-driven environment. For almost 2 years now, the Lyntics - Data Literacy Platform has enabled Getinge to get data knowledge out of a few experts’ heads and democratize it within the company. With Lyntics, we are able to increase data literacy quickly and effectively, particularly among new team members. Today, we cannot imagine working without Lyntics anymore."

Silvia Beinling
Director Process Design & Improvement

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